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Houston Dumpsters Inc. provides the best portable toilet rentals, mobile restroom rentals, and hand-washing stations in Houston. If you need to rent porta potties for a special event or a construction project, we can help.

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If you're hosting some kind of outside event or construction job, then it's no secret that at some point people will have to get their most urgent needs taken care of. Providing the necessary facilities ahead of time ensures that the event will go smoothly and that no one will have to wait in line to go to the bathroom.

Everybody is familiar with the porta-potty. They're so common that we don't even notice them when we go to an event. But what people WILL notice is if there aren't any available -- thus being forced to leave, beat a long path, or having to wait in line to get to the nearest bathroom. If there's going to be a concert, festival, or construction site, you want a minimum number of porta potty units installed. Even though we're called Houston Dumpsters Inc., we also offer port-a-potty rentals as we know how important it is to have your guests' needs taken care of.

For Your Construction Project in the greater Houston area.

Building a home or taking on a large remodeling job will most likely involve more than a single person at the site. When you've got a work crew, you will need to rent a couple of porta potties for them. In fact, this isn't just a suggestion but it is a requirement as defined by state regulations. "Sure," you might say, "but can't they use the bathroom in my house?". When you've got 5, 10, and more people working, using the bathroom in your house is very inconvenient. So don't think about it any longer: construction workers need access to a port=a-potty and we can help you provide them.

For Your Next Special Event

Are you going to host a wedding reception at your house? Or perhaps you're just throwing a party where many people will be present? You will want to consider renting some porta-potties then. It's the worst thing in the world when people have to stand in line to use their only bathroom. If you're a true host and you care about your guests' needs, then having a couple of clean and fully-stocked porta potties is a must.

VIP Units

The units your rent from us don't have to be the typical "blue boxes" either. If you want increased comfort for special occasions (wedding, concerts, etc.), we offer VIP trailers that have a fully stocked and operational bathroom. You will have access to hot and cold running water, a mirror, lighting, air-conditioning, and private bathroom stalls. And remember: people won't immediately notice that you've gone the extra mile and installed porta potties for them but they sure will remember you if you DON'T provide them. No host wants to have this kind of reputation. Let us help you by using our porta potty rental service.

Portable Hand-Wash / Sink Stations w/ Fresh Water

Besides standard and premium porta potty units, we also offer portable hand-wash stations. When you order a portable hand-wash station, our team will deliver a unit that is fully stocked with clean fresh water and paper towels. Events that last from a couple of hours to a couple of days can get messy very fast. If you're serving food, it is imperative that you give your guests the facilities for proper hygiene. Having a wash sink can also help with the productivity and cleanliness factor of your workers, so don't skimp on this essential service.

Flexible Scheduling

At Houston Dumpsters, we want to make renting a port-a-potty as simple as possible. Just give us a call, tell us about your event and we will deliver the units you require to your location. We can deliver porta potties for a single, one-off type of event or we can provide porta potties and regular servicing for an extended period (like it is required on construction sites for example). Servicing consists of our crew coming to your property to flush out, sanitize and restock the porta-potties. Just tell us the date and hour and we will be there on time to take care of everything.

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